Makeup-the first thing to be a beautiful woman

Jul 20, 2018 MORGAN
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A delicate makeup can not only make us looks more beautiful but also make us feel more confident.As for the people who don’t makeup often,this process is very complex.So today,Jessup will make a makeup tutorial,Let’s learn about them soon!

Step 1:Wash your face with facial cleaner,make sure your skin is clean.Then apply some moisturizing cream with your fingers and apply it gently on your face.

Step 2:Dip some foundation with a definer brush ,here we recommend Jessup T225-20PCSpeal Gold brushes set and apply evenly on your face, then apply some foundation to your neck to make it looks more natural.

Step 3:Using concealer buffer draw a triangle below your eyes then fill the triangle area completely.This technique ensures natural-looking coverage and make your eyes more attractive.

Step 4:Apply highlighter with Jessup 109 Highlight brushes along your cheekbones,on the Cupid’s bow,chin and in between the brows.Then use 110 face brush to pick up the powder and draw a contour along the side of the nose.

Step 5:Next we start to makeup in our eyes.Using 322 Brow Line to stretch from the inside to the outside of the eyebrow.You can choose the shape of the eyebrows according to you face outline.Then use 312 Detail liner to draw eyeliner,finally use 221 soft crease brush to paint a brown eyeshadow.

Step 6:Gently apply a lipstick on your mouth with a lip brush.Now you have done it just put on your favorite clothes and shoes go out with confidence!

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